Mike’s Trip Stats

Number of states bowled:
Miles added to Mom’s Honda:
Nachos consumed (1.5 oz cheese servings):
Weight Watch:
Trip Beginning: 167 lbs
Trip Conclusion: 173 lbs
Best diner to date:
Corner Restaurant in Kansas City, where the Porker Scramble comes with a premonition of a heart attack.
Best bowling alley fare:
Gumbo at Mid City Rock & Bowl in New Orleans. They promise it’s the best gumbo you’ll ever find at a bowling alley.
People’s homes in which I’ve stayed:
Most awkward moment:
Bowling in Virginia with ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend: “Yeah, things are going great for me too. I snapped, quit my job and am driving my mom’s car, hanging out in bowling alleys. Want some nachos?”
Packs of cigarettes smoked second-hand:
256, a figure not added to in the surreal, smoke-free lanes of California
Scenic overlooks and/or historic markers at which I’ve stopped:
14, most of which were in Idaho
Number of frames bowled:
1,150 (includes 30 candlepin and 10 duckpin)
Pairs of rented shoes worn:
Laced: 63
Velcro: 2
Average score:
Average score after:
0-2 beers: 141
3-6 beers: 123
7-12 beers, 2 shots of Jager and nachos: 154
Best game:
180 (Candlepin: 82; Duckpin: 73)
Worst game:
83 (Candlepin; 82; Duckpin: 73)
Public displays of affection witnessed:
67—plus two audible displays in neighboring motel rooms…and three atop the Space Needle in Seattle. Who pays $24 to grope 520 ft in the air?
Public displays of affection participated in:
*Reflects lifetime stats
Nachos Consumed: 61 Miles added to mom's car: 25,211 Rented shoes worn: 65